Terms & conditions

Commercial Terms of Member Agreement


  1. Agreement is signed between …….. owning/renting shop No…… having  registered office at …. and engaged in retail sale ofbuilding material (hereinafter called Member) and Domus Global Retail Private Limited, 3/22, Shanti Niketan, New Delhi engaged in retail on b2b basis of building material in India (hereinafter called Domus). 
  2. Member is presently selling product in categories and brands mentioned at Annexure A.
  3. Domus is setting up a robust platform to sell Building Material Products, sourced from various suppliers, from India and abroad, using following alternate routes for retail:
    1. Technology based platform to sell products on b2b2 basis. Shopkeepers registered with Domus, specifically where reach of existing distribution channel is limited, shall use this platform for retail. Over time this platform shall have reach across India and abroad.
    2. Progressively Domus shall set up a large showroom in NCR. Members will have an opportunity to visit and  see all displayed products.
  4. The Member has completed the registration process. Member will be allowed access to Member portal of Domus wherein he can purchase products of his choice, subject to commercial and other arrangements.  
  5. Domus may cease to provide any or all services at its sole discretion without notice.
  6. Domus will optimize logistics cost by either using their own logistics network/partner, or existing logistics set up of manufacturer/Member, or, a combination thereof. This will result into benefits for both Members and Domus.
  7. Both Member and Domus are independent companies and this Agreement shall not be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, association of persons, franchise, sale representative, or employment relationship. No representation shall be made by Member on behalf of Domus.
  8. The agreement shall re renewed on yearly basis on mutually acceptable terms.
  9. Members to set up their own nodal accounts for payment to Domus and refunds.
  10. Supplier shall be directly responsible for all guarantee and warranty and Domus shall take facilitate any such claim by Member.
  11. Domus shall procure products from various sources including manufacturers or supplier or any of the point in theit distribution channel.
  12. A reward scheme for Members shall be notified on portal regularly.
  13. The Member shall have option to pay upon placement of order at Member portal at the time of order through the payment channels identified by Domus. Progressivley based upon relationship Domus may extend credit limits to Members.
  14. Service Fee Payment: Member shall be responsible for all expenses in connection with this Agreement.
  15. Termination: Domus may suspend or terminate complete or part of this Agreement without assigning any reason whereby all rights and obligations of the Parties will immediately terminate. The termination of the Agreement shall not result into terminate of clause no ……………… of this Agreement.
  16. Member Returns and replacement: Supplier to Domus shall handle all customer returns as per standard Return & Replacement Policy of Domus and any change to same agreed between supplier and Domus in advance. Supplier will retake title of product immediately and process the refund or replacement as the case may be.
  17. Reporting Requirement: Domus shall provide you or upload in your account details concerning each transaction.
  18. Representation and warranties from Member: supplier is resident of India, has all permissions, has power to enter into this Agreement, shall comply with all laws.
  19. Indemnification by Member: refund/return/replacement/cancellation, suppliers taxes, Supplier breaches, officers of Domus.
  20. Disclaimer
  21. Limitation of liability
  22. Insurance: Member shall be solely responsible to take necessary insurances and maintain the insurance at its cost after the title is transferred in the name of Member.
  23. Member shall maintain proper tax compliance at all time during validity of this Agreement.
  24. Confidentiality
  25. Force Majeure: Domus not responsible for delay or failure to perform any  of its obligations beyond its control.
  26. Any change as decided by Domus to this Agreement shall be posted on portal. These can be send in writing also. Member shall access portal regularly to see any such notice and other information. The responsibility for this is with Suppler.
  27. Responsibility for password security shall be of Supplier. Adequate care shall be taken by Member while logging on so that data and information on Domus website and otherwise are protected.
  28. Laws of India and New Delhi as jurisdiction.